Demur Decks By Mia Seabrook 14.05.2018

Flump – Michael Jablonka

There is so much attitude in this and we can’t get enough. Michael shows off his sheer talent in 3 minutes with a pure rock’n’rock guitar that pulses and swells alongside his angst fuelled lyrics. With the release of this new song also comes the news that this gem will be gracing the stage at The Great Escape festival this week so if you’re about for it be sure not to miss him.

Ain’t Too Proud To Beg – Sonny

If you’re a fan of acoustic music, then look no further. Sonny’s voice is so soft with a twang of country that reminds me of every poignant moment of my favourite childhood films. Alongside this light acoustic guitar, the drums come in slowly but ultimately carry the song, allowing the big emotionally build up into the chorus to float perfectly.

The Return – Jules Rendell

Seeing a trend in this stylistic choice for a very choreographed, expressive style of video on the rise at the moment – here is Jules Rendell’s take on it and we love it. Featuring the lovely Jules herself dancing along as well as a few other dancers for help, they manage to describe the song through their body langue with so much style and grace.


Overthrown – Zosia

Not only is this song brilliant in its own right, but it has a point and a cause that makes it genius. Singing about the frustration with society’s treatment of sexual harassment victims, Zosia has a soft voice that will ring in your ears when you listen to the stunning lyrics. Oh, and if that doesn’t make you love this track, the brilliant and slightly electro dark-pop backing track will.


If You Leave Me Now – LOWES

There is something about this song that makes me think of the chorus as a choir ensemble, as it builds in depth, emotion and tone. Set to the backdrop of vast and beautiful landscapes you cannot help but begin to feel some kind of elemental bond to the luscious LOWES.


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