Demur Decks By Mia Seabrook – 22.01.2018

Fall in Love So Fast – The High Divers

Here is the first track taken from The High Divers’ second album ‘Chicora’ (which will be out in March this year). It is a pulsing and enigmatic rock track with everything going for it. The deep vocals are carried seamlessly over the track while being elevated with silky smooth harmonies.

Deadly Attraction – Adrian Daniel

Deadly Attraction is a fitting name for this as this song almost creates a deadly attraction towards it. The effortlessly talented Adrian Daniel has a soulful R&B sound that works perfectly for him and the track. With flawless production on this single, it provides a perfect gauge of what to expect from this Brooklyn newcomer.

Kapow! – 485c

Having gained quite a name for themselves last year 485c are back with a new track and it’s brilliant. I can’t tell if it reminds me of The Smiths with husky vocals and a twinkling guitar, or if it has a heavier rock sound? But regardless, every element of this new tune perfectly balances the others.

Ooh Lordy – Youngr

This track has me missing summer like you won’t believe, it is effortlessly ecstatic in its beat, lyrics and even video. ‘Ooh Lordy’ is the first track from Youngr’s latest collective ‘This Is Not an Album’ and it is the best way I could think of to introduce the collective. Give it a little listen, and then try not to add it to all your playlists.

Aldrig Mer – Kasbo

Following the announcement of his upcoming album in March, Kasbo was quick to give us a new track that will keep you on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what he does next. This track is a confusing mix of upbeat and melancholic, yet it works in perfect harmony. With vocals that will no doubt resonate with you and a production quality that will make any music fan weep with joy, Kasbo does not disappoint.

Give ‘n’ Take – Loop

It’s with great pleasure that I can review the phenomenal Loop and her latest track ‘Give ‘n’ Take’. This young newcomer produces treat after treat and this track is no different; singing about the lack of effort that is put into a relationship once the spark begins to dwindle, Loop’s sassy lyrics and punchy pop chorus will have you singing along very soon.

Bones (ft. Jack Hawitt) – Luvian

The musical version of a cup of tea; it’s warm, soothing and hits the spot. Combing forces for bones is the multi-talented Luvian who created the dreamy track, and singer/songwriter newcomer, Jack Hawitt and his dreamy vocals, gliding perfectly to the rolling beat.

Flavours – AJIA

A real stepper, ‘Flavours’ keeps up with the current trend of soulful R’n’B influenced vocal acrobatics, expertly blended with a jazzy flowing bass and punchy off-beat rhythms. The track itself is dripping with influence – Erykah Badu and Jorja Smith bounce themselves into mind, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if this London girl quickly ascended to their level of notoriety amongst listeners.

By Mia Seabrook