Demur Decks by Mia Seabrook 23.04.2018

Things You Hold – Grymm

Here is the second single from Brighton based trio Grymm. Playing what they call ‘winter Indie’ there is soft and haunting lyrics that ripple against the stirring base and suspense-filled percussion. With the frenzied guitar, they create almost cinematic bridges and breakdowns that truly represent indie music at its most devastating. This tune is on our playlists this week and it should be on yours too.


Sweet Decay – Ciaran Lavery

With the release of his new album, we thought it is only right we review the albums’ namesake “Sweet Decay”. This new tune is a beautifully soft and tender example of the singer/songwriter’s talent at its finest. Lavery’s voice is softly accompanied by a piano and strings that add a depth to the song that is done with such perfect subtlety.



Ain’t Got No Blues – Marinsky Ft. Kieran

First things first, this tune is interesting and a little confused in genre, but personally, I think it works. It is almost a cross of Deep House and Country Blues. There are the tiny strings that signal Country & Western that then pulse and swell into a deep mix complete with all the signifiers of a summer club classic; unusual, but we like it.


Tender – JONES

If you don’t know about JONES yet you are missing out – fact. This London based singer has an angelic voice that is tinted with a soul tone creating a very laid back and modern take on the singer/songwriter. ‘Tender’ is the lead song from her recently released EP ‘London’, a city which she has an intense connection with which clearly can be heard on this release.

Colder Homes – Daniel Briskin

At first, you may not hear anything particularly different with this new tune until you find out that the insanely talented producer behind it is a mere 16 years old. Featuring up and coming North London rapper Alista Marq, the two create a subtle R&B anthem with underpinned layers of electronica and delicate pop.


Still – Louise Golbey

Here is a little boost of soulful optimism to brighten your Monday. This hybrid soul/pop track brings together the calm of soul but the uplifting beat carries the tune as the lyrics weave between. With an optimistic message of belief in relationships and the person you love, it is really quite hard not to love this song, and even harder to get it out of your head.


Take It to The Heart – Odette

The sun is back and Odette is here to pick you up from the winter blues and throw you into summer vibes – think a sun lounger and cocktails. The bouncing beat will make you groove uncontrollably together with her vocals that boost confidence and positivity both in their lyrics and tone. Get ready for summer my friends, Odette is leading the way.


Dead in the Water – James Gillespie

With husky vocals that are booming on the scene currently, Gillespie brings a stand out sound that is accompanied with a stripped back piano; resulting in a song that is perfect for this time of year. While there are elements of summer in the track, it is centred around the idea of falling without someone to catch you that loves you, creating a slightly sombre side to the song.


Feeling Good – Esmée Denters

There is nothing but good vibes springing from the fabulous Esmée Denters on this new track ‘Feeling Good’. She is all about positivity on this new track and we’re loving it here at Demur. With her classic vocals that never fail to elevate and a brilliant backing track, this tune should be on everyone’s summer playlists.


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