Demur Decks – New Music – 04.09.2017 As Selected by Mia Seabrook

DAZE – Friends

Here is the first ever single from the North London four piece, DAZE. They take on the bittersweet problems of youth culture and turn it on its head, singing of family and friendship and how quickly life can change as a twenty-something. Fuelled by heavy, swirling guitar riffs and a funky bass line, ‘Friends’ has something moor-ish about it.

Riley Pearce – Misplaced

Morose, iconic and reflective. ‘Misplaced’ gives you the feeling you get in a film when suddenly your whole body is covered in goose bumps and you’re silently cheering a character on. It has an unearthly presence and depth that makes you want more. With a voice as beautiful as Pearce’s, it’s not shocking he’s quickly rising to fame.

Rose Gray – ‘Blue’ EP

Here is the debut EP from the brilliant rising star, Rose Gray. This EP takes you on a journey of emotion and honesty, unlike so many other debut EPs. Going from upbeat and slightly Madonna esque, to a slow and melancholic final, Blue gives you something for every mood all wrapped up in one neat little package.

Youngr – Monsters (Official Video)

This week Pop newcomer Youngr released his video for the fun and vibrant track ‘Monsters.’  Just in time for the back to school blues to settle in, this will give you a much-needed pick me up. It takes the joy and frivolity of youthful imagination and plays on it with a combination of animation and live action, all done by renowned Valentine Reinhardt.

Beta Drone – Don’t Wanna Be Loved (Stripped Back)

Here is a far more emotive and pure version of ‘Don’t wanna be Loved’ by Beta Drone. Originally to an electronic and dance fuelled backing, this edit truly does strips it right back to the raw and beautiful lyricism that beta drone uses. It’s usually a bold move to strip back a song like this, giving the listener a completely different perspective on what was an upbeat song; However, this time it was a brilliant move.

State of Sound – Heaven

Here is a tropical and chill remix of Bryan Adams’ unforgettable original ‘Heaven’. This version, from the acclaimed Stockholm duo, State of Sound, is genius. It has given the song a new lease of life and a new outlook – focusing on love and diversity within the music video there is no discrimination around the lyrics ‘love is all that I need, and I found it there in your heart’ showing couples of all genders and ethnicities celebrating their love.

Rhys Lewis – Be Your Man

Soulful and oh so smooth- ‘Be Your Man’ is heartfelt and coated in a thinly veiled layer of pain, with beautiful harmonies to hide it. ‘Be Your Man’ focuses on something that everyone can relate to, unrequited love and the heartbreak of having to let go and move on. This might be why it is so powerful? It takes a little bit of everyone’s pain and unties in it such a charmingly subtle way.

HOLLAND – Demons

The cold and icy tone that Amsterdam born HOLLAND sings with is similar to that of Lorde. It is calm, collected and chilling. She has an air about her that demands recognition for her talent, and she deserves it. She has a fierce quality in the way she sings that is encapsulating and no doubt will secure her a place on the emerging talents list.

Dom McAllister – Only One

Having had notable success with accreditation from the likes of CLASH magazine and Line of Best Fit, it is not shocking that Dom has come back with another immaculate single. His cool electronic instrumentals are almost old-school, but with something fresh and new in them.

White Fever – Everyone’s Got Their Price

With their EP coming out on the 29th of September, dark indie-pop band White Fever have released their teaser single, ‘Everyone’s Got Their Price’ and it does just that. With ethereal vocals that proceed into a bass driven, up beat chorus, this single is one you’ll want to listen to on repeat. And if the rest of their EP is similar, I’d get the 29th marked on the calendar.