Demur Decks: New Music – 09.07.2017

We select eight tracks we discovered last week that have found themselves on rotation at Demur.

Dua Lipa – New Rules

Writing her own rulebook to take on the pop world, Dua Lipa has taken it by storm in two short years. Dua’s long-awaited debut album was released last month and is packed with hits, including ‘Be The One’ and ‘Hotter Than Hell’ from earlier this year. Now the latest single released from her self-titled album ‘New Rules’ is partnered up with a music video. Mouth-wateringly stylish visuals accompany her distinctive vocals and catchy production. Its girl power message rings stronger than any feminist slogan t-shirt.

Tom Misch – South Of The River

South London takes the spotlight on ‘South Of The River’. Certified talent Tom Misch has dedicated his latest single to where he calls home. A version of this track floated around on the 22-year-old musician’s Instagram account. New York pianist Rob Araujo recreated it and Tom liked it so much he incorporated it into the final cut along with the funky guitar licks and Tom’s assertions for his hometown.

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Peter Manos – In My Head

This introduction to American artist Peter Manos reminds us of the simple bliss a truly gifted singer can bring. Silky smooth and deeply emotive, his vocal chords stand centre stage on this debut track from the Nashville artist. Peter lays bare his pain onto the alternative R&B beat. It’s not every day that someone’s debut is this damn good. And if memory serves us correctly, when it is they don’t stay unknown for very long.

HAAi – DaDaDa

Here’s a track that is heading to a dancefloor near you soon. HAAi is the resident at Phonox nightclub in Brixton, London. Installed at the end of last year, she’s been delving into her eclectic music collection for the venue every Saturday. Now the New Zealand native is launching her own imprint Coconut Beats and is even venturing into the production studio herself for it. In comes ‘DaDaDa’, her debut that is influenced by Konnako, a vocal percussive style of South India and promises her future is even brighter.

Oriion – Live Another Lie

Peep this quality music video shot between Toronto and New York. Sick retro red car that stars in this video aside, the chorus is refreshingly different and strangely satisfying. No doubt thanks to the four unique pop greats he names as inspiration – Sade, Prince, Daft Punk and Queen. Oriion’s demanding vocal is edited to become much more than just a repeating line. Elsewhere on the track, a dance orientated pop blueprint drives the track along with occasional strikes of guitar and steel drums.

Only Girl – Heights

London throws out a constant stream of impressive vocalists, Only Girl is a fine example of that. When she first appeared two years ago, Ellen Murphy quickly drew comparisons to fellow South Londoner Jessie Ware and ultimate songstress Mariah Carey. Now in 2017, Ellen is reaching greater heights and has really come into her own during latest single ‘Heights’. “I wanted to create a really dream-like, hazy vibe to the track to convey that feeling of being with someone who lifts you up,” Only Girl explains.

Rose Gray – Give It All To You

Rose Gray channels the old school sound of the music she grew up listening to such as Dusty Springfield, The Carpenters and Shirley Bassey on her new single ‘Give It All To You’. Inspired by the psychedelic and soul influences that ran through music in the 1960s, Rose puts her modern twist on it. Produced by Alan Nglish, who Rose met at Brit School and has also produced a healthy stack of modern hits.

Raphaella – Turn Around

Raphaella makes a big statement on her latest record and we’re all listening. Co-produced by Brendan Grieve, who has worked with Sam Smith, so you know he knows how to handle lethal harmonies. Raphaella has made a quick turn around with her succession of previous collaborations with established UK acts.