Demur Decks – New Music 11.09.2017

Mo Brandis – Undercover

Funk? Soul? R&B? Pop? – if you like it all, you’ll like this new track by Mo Brandis. Mo has taken pieces from every genre and made something flawless. ‘Undercover’ is funky, catchy and will make you want to get up and dance regardless of where you are. Put in your headphones and get your groove on, we won’t judge you if we see you on the tube!

Hatty Keane – Pointless

The new single ‘Pointless’ by London artist Hatty Keane is theatrical and bordering on absurd. Singing about the fear of the mundane and ordinary, the track features effortless croaky vocals and an orchestra fit for the most dramatic of theatre. Speaking on the single Hatty said: ‘Pointless’ was born by my worst fear – To live the run of the mill, the mundane life we are expected to. ‘Pointless’ questions the norm, the ideals we have been taught to live by and believe in since we were children – did we really go the moon?’

Kyla ft Popcaan – You Ain’t Mine

Coming back with a new single is the legendary Kyla. She’s been making waves since 2009 and last year, exploded with Drakes ‘One Dance’. With vocals as seamless as hers, it is not shocking she is highly acclaimed, and it will be no shock watching this track climb up the charts and feature on your next night out.

JATA – Love You (Less)

Since the recent release of JATA’s debut album ‘Mexico’, we have had the standout single ‘Love You (Less)’ on repeat. The track has got cool and calm vocals and a percussion lead backing track and lyrics describing problematic relationships that are undeniably relatable. ‘Love You (Less)’ is slightly synthy and very catchy.

The Dream Syndicate – Filter Me Through You

The indie rock legends are back. With this being their first album in over 20 years, The Dream Syndicate have come back in a way most bands can never accomplish. They have brought everything you want when your favourite band get back together and have thrown us straight into a pool of nostalgia with this track – and we love it.

Dan Bettridge – Heavenly Father

‘Heavenly Father’ comes straight from the core of someone with their very own bruised and battered broken heart. ‘Heavenly Father’ is a perfectly balanced soul single that was influenced by Dan’s parents’ brilliant record collection (Cat Stephens, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell). This young artist is already showing so much talent and promise that he is sure to become a name in the new sound of soul.

Boba K – Nothing Can Stop Us Now

It’s classic and perfect pop with electro undertones and an unbelievably catchy drop. Coming back after her massive success this summer, London based Boba K has once again delivered a masterpiece in pop. There is so much determination in this girl that it is clear she won’t be stopping until she is up there in the big leagues, which is wholly possible considering her impressive vocal range and ability to write brilliant pop music.

The single also includes a B-side remix by Danny Dove, which you can also listen to here

Elderbrook – Talking EP

Who doesn’t love a deluxe EP? Who doesn’t love a multi- genre artist? – welcome to Elderbrook’s new EP. ‘Talking’ features seven different tracks, styles and narratives all encompassed in one single EP. Whether you were already a fan or are new to his work, ‘Talking’ will no doubt win you over and convert you; there is something for everyone and we think everyone will be pleased.

Selected by Mia Seabrook