Demur Decks – New Music

Claire – End Up Here

Claire are back with “Tides” their latest LP featuring the new single “End Up Here”, released 20th January 2017. This new record follows up their 2014 debut offering “The Great Escape” which featured their atmospheric “Games” and “Broken Promise Land.” “I don’t want to fight about it, I don’t want to fight no more”, lead singer Josie sings. You can hear the agony in Josie’s voice echoing her emotions about a failing relationship.  The single clearly displays the skill of creative precision Claire instil in their song writing.

“Tides” will be released on 7th April and you can pre – order it here on Digital iTunes.

Goan Dogs – Flying Business Class

Goan Dogs are feeling exactly how we are feeling in their new single, we just want to fly away too, in Business Class. We admire the imagination that goes into Goan Dogs’ videos. In the visuals to “Flying Business Class” below, the boys show off their dancing skills in different settings. With each song Goan Dogs tell a story. In their latest single Goan Dogs assert to “skipping town” on a villain with his money and “Flying Business Class”,hoping the villain doesn’t mind.

“Flying Business Class is about leaving a situation behind. Being the bigger person and walking away. Mentally scot-free, whilst the reason you’re leaving has to clean up the mess they made and think about what they did… or it’s just a story about nicking some cash”, explain the lads.

Sabrina Parker – Write You Down

Since making her debut open mic performance in Woodstock, New York back in 2011, Sabrina Parker has been on a role. Sabrina was just 14 then and for the last six years she has spent her time perfecting her writing and performing skills. 2017 is set to be big year for Sabrina. Sabrina’s previous track “Fire and Ice” was heavily supported by Gary Crowley on BBC Introducing London. In turn, all of this caught the attention of Nick Stewart head honcho of Man In The Moon Records. Nick also happens to be the man who signed U2 to Island Records.

Sabrina has certainly been putting the work in over the past few months with live performances at The Abbey Tavern, The Camden Head, The Troubadour, Proud Camden and the Windmill. Now releasing “Write You Down”, Sabrina has crafted a song of quiet strength and emotion. Her ethereal falsetto combines with her earnest lyricism to create a sensitive, yearning new release.

“Write You Down” is out on 3rd February and you can pre – order it here

Asha – Medicine

Former street dance teacher Asha continues to dominate the London music scene with her latest single “Medicine” and the visuals below. With three previous releases, her incendiary debut ‘We Can Do This’, the cathartic, self-empowering ‘Chapters’ and the iconic, wise “Record Straight”, Asha went on to team up with Youngs Teflon on “Down” and DJ Eastwood. Asha didn’t just stop there, a recent collaboration followed up with WSTRN’s Louis Rei, showing Asha is one of the hottest properties in the game right now. Just to confirm that title, Asha sold out her debut show at Hoxton’s Bar & Grill and supported August Alsina at KOKO and Shola Ama at XOYO.

Speaking on the track, Asha states “Medicine was about breaking the stereotypes in a relationship. Usually it’s the men in control, but this? This song is about the women switching it up, about us taking charge and giving the guys a taste of their own medicine.”

Bright Light Bright Light ft Elton John – Running Back To You

Bright Light Bright Light (Rod Thomas) returns with another set of lively visuals directed by Rod & Santiago Felipe (Björk’s live photographer) and choreographed by award-winning Steven Hoggett (Harry Potter & The Cursed Child, Once.) This time Rod returns with the legend, mentor, and friend of his Elton John on the single “Running Back To You” taken from the “Choreography” album from last year. Rod sings with passion in his voice that helps you relate to this expressive tune. The bright, colourful visuals certainly contrast the feeling of the song. “Running Back To You” was released on 17th January as an exclusive EP, including a 12” inch version, radio edit and a remix from the legendary Vince Clarke, whose bands Yazoo, Depeche Mode and Erasure all influenced Rod’s music world. The EP features the unheard track “Go Long”: a thematic sister song to the lead track, set in a lush synth landscape.

Stream “Choreography” here.

Bonobo – No Reason 

Bonobo recently released his sixth studio album “Migration” to much critical acclaim. In less than two weeks the two singles from the album have already received over 10 million plays and counting, on Spotify.  Bonobo has now presented us with the video to “No Reason” from the album which features collaborator and long-time friend Nick Murphy (Chet Faker). The video is an artistic piece directed by UK Music Video Awards’ ‘Best New Director’ winner Oscar Hudson. The visuals influenced by imaginative films Alice in Wonderland and Birdman were filmed in real life with no post work or added visual effects.

Oscar Hudson said of the final piece “No Reason” is such an evocative track and it was clear from the start that our video would need to reflect this potency. Simon/Bonobo mentioned the inspiration behind the new album came from his relationship to landscape and place whilst on tour. Whilst researching these themes I learnt about the Japanese phenomenon of the Hikikomori- young Japanese people who become so overwhelmed by the pressures of life that they retreat to their bedrooms for years at a time. This felt like a such a fascinating intersection of physical & psychological spaces, and so from this I set out to make a film that through an inventive physical concept tried to link environment directly to psychology. We achieved the film using only in-camera physical effects and we designed an entirely new way of moving our miniature camera to get it to fit through the tiny doorways. Doing this film with CGI would have been a thousand times easier, but for me, it’s physicality & imperfections are what make it different, and I hope better.”

You can stream or buy “Migration” here.

Prayer – Lost

Prayer have released “Lost” a four piece a collection of tracks infusing dark, ghastly masterpieces and classical electronic pieces. The project which was released on Friday 20th January. Prayer will also be presenting the project at The Pickle Factory on Wednesday 25th January, in association with RADAR RADIO. Special guests on the night will be Joe Shakespeare (Knives) Forever (Grade 10) and India Jordan (New Atlantis.) Tickets can be purchased here.

You can buy/stream “Lost” here

KREAM ft Clara Mae – Taped Up Heart

Last year Norwegian brothers KREAM released their single “Taped Up Heart” featuring Clara Mae. The single has now been streamed over 38 million times on Spotify. The track is so popular it has been on Spotify’s “Today’s Top Hits” for the last three months. The boys bring us the video to “Taped Up Heart” taking inspiration from David Fincher’s Fight Club. The video is directed by Samy Mosher who has worked on visuals for the likes of Adele, Matoma, Hot Natured, and XYconstant)

“This song is all about dealing with your inner demons and Samy did an amazing job bringing “Taped Up Heart” to life. Everyone has had that feeling of being an ‘other’ and wanting to find their place or purpose. Maybe it’s through music, maybe it’s joining an underground fight club,” shares KREAM. A remix package is to follow shortly and will feature Lash, Joe Mason, and Disto. The package is due out on January 27th via Big Beat Records.

You can buy/stream “Taped Up Heart” here.