Demur Fashion Pills – Your Weekly Dosage of Fashion News 18.08.17

3D Footsie through True Gault 

You may recall from one of our previous articles, 3D design technology seems to be the way to go these days. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon…hop on!.

All hail a new app that examines your foot to create a pair of customised heels just for you. True Gault is the brainchild of Sandra Gault, who launched her company through Google’s Accelerator program. The app consists of a 3-D measuring tool that gauges the biomechanics of a foot, all from an iPhone’s camera to get you a “bespoke pair of heels.” The pair will be priced between $250 to $350 per pair. True Gault’s mission states “Women can buy shoes online, but size doesn’t guarantee fit, so we broke the mold of the shoe industry to redefine the relationship between women and their heels”.

The Champions of Inclusivity 

We are championing inclusivity in fashion and although there is still a long way to go, there has been a massive success so far. Open Style Lab is a non-profit organisation committed to addressing social issues through fashion have just given us another win. It is difficult to see how fashion is non-exclusive until you are faced with a situation where you feel somewhat discriminated. Catering for disabled consumers is something the fashion world has failed to do for so long. OSL recently hosted a fashion showcase at Parsons School of Design, where they invited entrants to design a custom garment for a consumer in a wheelchair. The winning design was a rain jacket designed for Q, a New York City Department of Transportation employee, who roams around the city in a wheelchair. The difficulty for Q was that when wearing a raincoat, the armrests of his wheelchair and his lap would still get soaked. To resolve the issue the winning team designed a waterproof jacket with removable 3-D printed side panels to zip over the armrests. For Q’s legs, the design featured panels that have a folded, detachable blanket inside, which zips into the jacket to cover Q’s legs. Will we see big brand designers sit up now and take heed?

Your Acceptance Letter to Hogwarts

If you are still waiting for your acceptance letter from Hogwarts, you might like this. We might have had the last installment of the Harry Potter movie six years and the first HP book is now 20 years old, but Harry will always be a part of us, wherever we go. Good ol’ reliable, dependable Primark have only gone and teamed up with Warner Bros. to bring us a whole Harry Potter collection. Now you can really take Potter everywhere with you, as you drink from your HP mug, workout in your HP gear, lounge about in your HP pyjamas, write a letter with your HP pen, practice your spells with your HP wand pens plus many more wizardry things you can do to prepare for Hogwarts. So whilst you continue to wait for your acceptance, Primark have got you covered.

The £155 Fashionable Duct Tape

Forget your diamond encrusted, glitter embezzled belt you have been accessorising your outfits with all this time. This is the must have accessory according to Raf Simons. This £155 duct tape will make your outfit, THE OUTFIT. This is no ordinary Poundland duct tape, this is far more fashionable. You can wear it how you want, you can go for the nostalgic Nelly look and stick some on your face, tape it across your ankles or just wrap it around your waist like below.

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 01: A model walks the runway at the Raf Simons fashion show during NYFW: Men’son February 1, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)