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Balenciaga’s Croc show 

Gasps filled the runway at the Balenciaga show in Paris Fashion Week, but were they in horror or delight? Platform Crocs were the feature paraded by the models, we haven’t seen them wild things since we were 10! Designer Demna Gavasalia felt they were never really fashionable until now, feeling there was a need for them in the market. We just don’t know what to think!

Loreal in Paris

With Dame Helen Mirren, Cheryl Tweedy (was Cole), Irina Shayk and many other inspirational people, how could you miss the Loreal catwalk in Paris this week? Praised for their diversity and inclusiveness on the new Loreal campaign, the models and celebrities demonstrated the meaning for ‘You’re worth it’.

Theresa May- Fashion or Political?

Was the coughing fit planned just to show off her new bracelet hanging on her right wrist? Whilst an unwell Theresa May relayed her speech this week, we couldn’t help but be drawn to her bracelet featuring Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s work. Kahlo was, in fact, a communist, so could this reflect upon our Tory party leader? Was this a fashion statement or a political one, who can be sure?… but we probably won’t lose any sleep over it tonight.

Vogue’s cover diversity

Speaking of Diversity previously, just one month shy of her 74th birthday, actress and model Lauren Hutton, has become the oldest woman to grace the cover of VogueShot by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia, Hutton was featured on 3 different covers. With 40 covers of Vogue already under her belt she expresses ‘this is the most important yet’, she adds “this is a cover that can change society because it shows a woman who is vibrant, attractive, who still laughs, and who for the first time is a woman my age.” Could this be a turning point for ideology in magazines?

Words by Emily Bone