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Fur-Free for Gucci
Never thought I’d hear those words come from them, but Gucci has announced they pledge to go fur-free from the beginning of Spring 2018. Gucci has expressed, they will no longer “use, promote or publicise animal fur” in their collections and are joining the fur-free Alliance.  The brands parent-company Kering have been on the road to sustainability for nearly a decade now, so we can’t help but think they have had an influence on the fashion house.

Preview into Spring 2018
I know what you’re thinking… We haven’t even had Winter yet, but you have to get ahead of the Fashion game. So here’s what to look out for in Spring…
1) Calf-length pants- what is this, the 90’s?
2) Blazers- not only for men remember
3) Hats- Can you pull off a Beret?
4) Orange is making a come back

Take a Sneak Peek of Erdem X H&M

Here is what we can expect to see in the Erdem X H&M collection, from faux fur coats, jacquard dresses and florals for men. Dropping on the 2nd November, this will be the first time in 8 years that H&M has partnered with a British Fashion designer. But are we ready for the big price tags on the ballgowns from this high street collection?

Technology is coming… Look out fashion industry

Technology is ever evolving and it’s coming to the fashion industry, whether they like it or not. This year there were some powerful voices heard at Fashion tech forum by Angela Ahrendis and The main concern discussed was that the fashion industry needs to be updated or it will be taken over by the tech-savvy. Music artist said “[Fashion brands] better start thinking of how to bring new things to people or else the G is not going to be freaking Gucci, that sh*t is going to be Google.” Flex, a company who makes 75% of the world’s wearables, for brands such as Nike are offering software updates for the fashion world’s hardware.

Words by Emily Bone