Demur Fashion Pills- Your weekly dose of fashion news

I thought I’d start with a bizarre piece of fashion news I found this week…
Nose hair extensions

Possibly one of the worse beauty trends to date, people are actually creating nose hair extensions, including Monica Cruz who stepped out on Spanish TV wearing them. Now I’ve caught your eye, let’s move on to some important fashion news this week…

Liberty London and their bright young talent

Liberty London has proudly welcomed seven bright young creatives to the team. Conner Ives, Kitty Garratt, Sam McCoach, Marta Jakubowski, Richard Malone and Richard Quinn are the talented youngsters who have entered into its womenswear department, and it’s all down to the BFC ambassador, Sarah Mower for the emerging talent from her new initiative Sarah’s list. She expressed “I was really worried about the future of young designers, because if there isn’t a new generation, then there won’t be a fashion industry. I’m so interested in what’s coming next as a journalist, I can’t bear the thought of not knowing what will happen.”

Tommy Hilfiger announces Clothes for the disabled

Finally, a brand who has opened their minds, Tommy Hilfiger announced plans this week to make a clothing line specifically for those with disabilities. The brand is tapping into a market where most luxury designers overlook. They expressed that the adaptive clothing line will feature adjusted seams and openings that make it easier for caretakers to dress the wearer, as well as magnetic closures so that it is easier to pull garments over the head or to get dressed with one hand. More diversity like this in the fashion industry is what we should be seeing.

Topshop Partners with Stranger Things

Topshop and Topman announced their partnership with the Netflix original show ‘Stranger Things’. To celebrate the return of the much-loved show, they are bringing out a 28 piece collection of retro-inspired clothing, we are talking tops, caps and even a lunchbox!

Words by Emily Bone