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Fashion meets Culture

This weeks fashion news presents fashion designers and how they adapt to their culture.

5 Designers to watch out for at Lagos Fashion & Design Week

Nigerian Metropolis of Lagos became the fashion capital of Africa for many reasons including its arrival into the Western Spotlight when Michelle Obama and Beyoncé wore Maki OH designs.

  • Maki OH, designer Amaka Osakwe makes all her clothing range on her own from start to finish in Nigeria. Her use of bold prints and Silk fringing makes her style rather unique.
  • Loza Maléombho was born in Brazil, educated in America and is thriving in Cote d’Ivoir. Her West African style is matched with modern cuts juxtaposed with tribal aesthetics.
  • Lisa Folawiyo established her label in 2005, her unique niché for African design explores colourful African prints styled with modern Western silhouettes.
  • NKWO- like many Nigerian Designers NKWO Onuuka does not have any formal training in fashion design, having attained a Psychology degree. Her brand began when she was spotted wearing one of her creations at London department store Liberty in 2006, she was then introduced to the store’s buyer and has showcased her work in New York.
  • Imane Ayissi began his career in fashion as a model, walking for the likes of Dior and Givenchy. He became into his own as a fashion designer later on through his fascination with Bricolage and Volume movement. His inspiration with dance aspired from being a member of Ballet National Du Cameroon.

Seoul’s Young Fashion Designers culture crisis

Fashion Shows are currently being held in Seoul, but the fashion scene appears unfazed by the increasing threat from the border. Whilst the young fashion designers are flourishing, it is still real that they are in an unstable political climate with Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear capabilities from North Korea. Young designers are thriving still and even adapting pollution masks into beautifully embroidered veils,  these of which continue to obscure delicate masculinity of the models. The designers are breaking free from old-fashioned gender roles in society, where boys in their early twenties are still obliged to spend 3 years in gruelling military training- fulled by threat. One of those is Shin Kyu Yong who runs the label ‘Blindness’ with his designer girlfriend Ji Sun.
Hijab and Halloween
Halloween is upon us and 21-year-old blogger, under the name Missa_MHC on Instagram, demonstrates how to incorporate the Hijab with your Halloween Costume. The Hijab Cosplayer has presented different costume ideas for Halloween that incorporate her Hijab, her positive and fun promotion of her Hijab attempts to rule out any stigma around the headwear. 
Words by Emily Bone