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Keeping McQueen’s spirit alive 

The year is 1986 and an eight-year-old Gary McQueen poses against a backstreet wall dressed in a New Romantic scarf and blazer. Big enough to fall off his shoulders, the 18-year-old boy taking the photo on his Instamatic camera would go on not only to change fashion but make their shared surname synonymous with it. The boy in question was Gary’s uncle, Alexander McQueen. Gary has promised to keep his uncles name in spirit by not continuing his line but finding himself as a designer as his own, he creates scarfs to similar to the ones his uncle used to make for him.

Dolce & Gabbana’s $110 Pasta

Dolce & Gabbana announced this week, they will be making pasta, well not the actual pasta. You can wear designer—and now you can eat it, too, their colourful limited-edition pasta line with Pasta Di Martino has now hit the shelves. They will be designing the packaging for the pasta packets, adorned with whimsical designs of famous Italian landmarks like the Milan Duomo, a Venice canal, the Colosseum, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This comes after their SS/17 collection this year, where their collection feature patterns of pasta.

Major changes that could change Dior forever

Dior is making some major changes to its company, and all you fashion lovers should pay close attention. The fashion house’s parent company LVMH Fashion Group announced a major shakeup on Wednesday morning that directly impacts Dior and fellow fashion house Fendi. Our current Christian Dior Couture chief executive Sidney Toledano will leave Dior in order to lead the LVMH Fashion Group as a whole. And as for his former position: LVMH is moving Fendi’s chief executive Pietro Beccari to lead Dior. The restructured plan could change the way Dior presents themselves.

The best bread jumper since, well… bread 

What a strange world fashion has come to when this bread jumper was highly celebrated for it’s simplicity and the supposed meaning of ‘carbs are good’ no matter who you are. The promotion of all sizes matter and that they should all be celebrated is great, but what an interesting way to portray this through a jumper.


Words by Emily Bone