Demur Fashion Pills- Your weekly dose of fashion News

Your weekly dose of fashion news begins with a peek into the events at Paris Fashion Week. They certainly upscaled other Fashion Weeks with Saint Laurent showcasing their pieces at dusk underneath the Eiffel Tower.

And what’s hot off the runway I hear you ask… Try striking sleeves, from flared cuffs to puffy blouses.

Beauty Trends of the week

It’s all about the eyes, shown from the runway, we are shown by Rochas to accentuate the eyeliner beyond just the lid, certainly some new experimentation there. But it doesn’t stop there, Dries Van Noten adorns his models with rhinestones, making them glisten down the catwalk. Whilst Marni used graphic blocks of colour on the model’s eyes, matching the colour palette of the show. Could we pull off this look at work… why not?

Dior wears Feminism 

Dior set the tone of their showcase, with Snapchat, video recordings and web-searching at the ready, every guest was met by a copy of Linda Nochlins groundbreaking 1971 feminist essay of ‘Why have there been no great women artists’, in its 36-page entirety. Dior’s aim to get fashion focusing on feminism was achieved and her hopes are to spark something bigger from the conversation to the likes of the 70’s feminist movement.

 Funky Eyewear for UV protection

Now I know we have discussed a lot on The fashion weeks that have taken place, but how could we not! So to top off this weeks fashion news, we just had to discuss Dolce & Gabbana’s weirdest but funky eyewear ever. I’m all for protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, but how Dolce & Gabbana is proposing we do it, is rather peculiar, I’d go as far as questioning what is fashion?

Words by Emily Bone