Demur in Paris with hip hop trio Kalhex

We love discovering new talent so when we were browsing through a music playlist on a streaming site, we came across Kalhex and immediately selected add to favourites. Kalhex are a hip hop/rap trio from Paris and their music is reminiscent of nostalgic hip hop when it was still something to be admired. Still staying true to the art of hip hop producing their own music through some sampling and living the hip hop culture, the trio are a family with a story to share.

Images by Hugo Besikian & Markus Oberndorfer

How would you describe the Kalhex trio?

We formed the group in 2006 and we have Parental (DJ/Producer), Le Makizar (MC/Producer) and Lex (MC/Producer).  In 2008, we created the hip-hop label, Akromégalie Records, to release our music, which is strictly based on sampling. Since then, we have put out loads of records as a group as well as some solo efforts.

We are all making beats and even for our solo projects we take advice from each other to evolve together. Parental and Lex are brothers and Le Makizar is also a brother from another mother. Music helped us to gather people we feel close to, from all over the world. Kalhex is a family!

You guys create jazz infused, raw, authentic, hip-hop, with the term hip hop being loosely applied to commercial music these days, how do you ensure you stay true to the art and culture that is hip hop?

We never really make our music to follow the trends. It doesn’t mean that we are stuck in the past. We are of course aware of what’s happening now but we always create our projects based on our own feelings and sensitivity.

We would describe our music as a mix of our main influences and a will to push out the boundaries of hip-hop, especially on the instrumental side of our work, by adding to the hip-hop formula what we like in other genres (Jazz, Electronic, Ambient). We’re also very attached to the physical format, that’s why our catalogue is available on Vinyl, CD & Tape.

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