Demur Magazine – Contrast – April 2017

Dear Loyal Readers

As I sat down with my girls to plan our annual city getaway, news came of the recent vicious crime that was committed in London. An acquittance who overheard of our plans encouraged us to put our plans on hold whilst we waited for “the world to be right again.” When will that be, I thought to myself?

Every day we are waking up to unpleasant events all over the world, some here at home and some far ashore. The many calamitous events we are witnessing, are affecting millions and as troubled as we maybe, we are still able to get a good night’s sleep in the hope that we will wake up to a reassuring update on the news. These many disastrous events, have instilled fear in some of us, fear to pursue our dreams, fear to experience life, fear to challenge the status quo and fear to exist. How long should we wait before “the world is right” so that we can start living again?

Demur is a place of escape and a celebration of some the things that are right and enjoyable in this world. A picture can paint a thousand words and Cool Ras Art is helping us spread positivity as he shares his art and works with us. Jackie Got Lemons remind us that life is for living in colour and not living up tight and Yenifer Ubiera and her team present a wonderful editorial, showing we can co-existence in Contrast and still paint a beautiful picture.

A Fashionable Culture is a life that is lived with no limits and to the fullest. Embracing and sharing everything you are and espousing some from others. For the world to be right again, we have to make it right. What is your contribution?

Until next time…

Noreen Chada, Editor, @noreenchada


Wardrobe stylist & Art Director: Yenifer Ubiera 

Photographer: Marc Parroquin

Makeup: Mabel Jimenez 

Hair: Megan Dakota Costello

Model: Anna Lynn

Black sheer top, H&M

Printed skirt, Natasha Fishchenko

White gloves, Stylist’s Own

Jewels, Bita Pourtavoosi