Demur Magazine – December 2017 -Friends

Dear Loyal Readers

I won’t deny it, 2017 has been a great year for Demur. When we said new year, new us at the beginning of this year, we really meant it. It has been exciting to see Demur grow over the past year, almost like watching a child grow. A child trying to take his first steps, falling, and getting back up again.

We’ve got some smart-ass kids that joined the team this year and as you can see their contribution to Demur is what has people talking. We launched our first ever pop up party which was a blast and because we loved partying with you cool guys so much, we are already working to make sure we will be back with another one.

We are building Demur to be the number media platform in all that is fashion, music, art and culture. We aim to be the brand you tell all your friends about to make yourself sound cool. As we continue, we will also not forget to address social issues that affect us, in a fashionable manner of course.  We want to be the voice of the cool people.

The December issue features four friends from London who go by the name of Daze, a sculptor from New York, Laurie Barton, we get a bit sombre and talk about whether we should be taking a knee here in the UK following the Colin Kaepernick movement and to lighten things up, we have compiled a list of movies every fashionista should see.

If I don’t bump into you on my travels, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season with all the food you can possibly eat and all the rest you can possibly get and a healthy kick ass 2018!

Cover image by Alex Mitchell Photography

Noreen Chada – Editor

Kay Samuel- Editorial Assistant

Nicole Samoto – Social Editor

Alice Diamond- Staff Writer

Emily Bone – Fashion Writer

 Hollie Ismail – Music Writer

Mia Seabrook – Contributing Writer

Stella Dzingai – Contributing Writer

Harrison Madzivachando – Creative Content Manager

Emma Gillett – Design & Art Direction