Demur Magazine – Effortlessly Cool – February 2018

Did anyone else just feel that? The way January was just dragging and dragging, it felt like this month was never going to end! I don’t what the time to go by so fast but I kind of want it to move at a reasonable pace. February is just going to breeze by so swiftly that it will be summer soon and Christmas again. However, February is an exciting month for so many reasons, besides the fact that some of the most amazing people were born in February, i.e me, February is also fashion week season. This can only mean February is a month of discovering new talent and trends during the four weeks of fashion. In true Demur fashion in this issue, we are going to let you in on some of the designers who we feel deserve some applause for their creativity and where you can hang out in between shows in London.

You might say ‘well the world doesn’t quite revolve around fashion’ and you would be right in saying that. For the contrarian who wants to get away from the four fashion capitals of the world, you can skip the festivities and head to Stockholm with our handy guide of things to do and see. As for the one who might not have quite the budget or vigour to get away, you can sit at home and admire some art from some of the artists you should follow on Instagram or find out more about EDEN and his new album ‘Vertigo’. This is not even an exaggeration or an ad but when I first heard ‘crash’ by EDEN I immediately became a fan there and then, so give him a go, he might just be your cup of tea.

We also can’t forget that February is the month of love and no one should be alone on that one special day in February. We’ve put together some lines for you to bag that one person you have had your eye on for a while. Try out our pick-up lines and just make sure we get an invite to the wedding or you make us godparents of your future babies or something. Should you not bag a date in time for valentines, you have yourself and sometimes that is the best company, so you can take a look at our ‘Watch list’ to see what shows you can indulge in, without having to get dressed and leaving your house.

May this month be filled with fashion, love and creativity for you.

Until next time

Noreen Chada

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Photographer: Christian Santos 

Wardrobe Stylist: Yenifer Ubiera 

Makeup Artist: Mika Omura

Hairstylist: Alexis T. Allen 

Model: Taylor Harden  from Whilhelmina NY Model

Noreen Chada – Editor

Kay Samuel- Editorial Assistant

Nicole Samoto – Social Editor

Alice Diamond- Staff Writer

Emily Bone – Fashion Writer

 Hollie Ismail – Music Writer

Mia Seabrook – Contributing Writer

Stella Dzingai – Contributing Writer

Harrison Madzivachando – Creative Content Manager

Emma Gillett – Design & Art Direction