Demur Magazine – I Am In Love With Me

It always sounds a bit shallow and egotistical when people say ‘I Love Myself.’ You’ll often hear people say ‘she is so full of herself, how can she say that?’ and some people will resent you for saying that. I was watching a video clip with Oprah on YouTube and she was talking about how she was always so scared to put herself first instead of others. She said she had learnt that you can’t pour from an empty cup which is so true. It’s so important to take care of ourselves before we even think of others and that is not in some sort of self-centred ignorant way.

As many of you who read this magazine are artists and creatives within various industries, it’s easy to fall into a trap where you just want to please everyone that you start to compromise yourself and eventually you lose who you are. Well, we don’t want to see any of that around here. This issue is called ‘I Am In Love With Me’ because we want you to take action and discover how much of a great person you are to fall in love with. It’s a bit weird at first because we have always known that it’s the other way around, other people are supposed to love you. It’s true you can receive love from other people but when those other people stop loving you, you still have yourself.

So, what you are going to do this month is a pick up a copy of Demur, tell everyone you need some alone time and get right to the bit where we talk about self-care tips for the creatives. Once you have armoured yourself with some self-love you can browse the subscription boxes that we have suggested as gift ideas for your Dad this Fathers’ Day. If you really want to treat yourself this summer you can check out the Weekend Excursions that we have compiled for you, just don’t forget to tag us in your Insta pics to show us how much of a wonderful time you are having.

We’ve got some shows that you can check out that will certainly give you a little confidence boost so that you can go out there and shout it out loud and proud how much you love yourself. You can then explore the psychology of raving and if you are still wondering how the hell you are going to get that fashion label off the ground, we have found some ways to help you. After you have conquered all of the above and are really just full of yourself and in love with you, you can then go ahead and find someone to love you back on Facebook.

Until next time

Noreen Chada @noreenchada