Demur Magazine – May 2017 – Meen Clothing

Dear Loyal Readers

I recently attended a friend’s birthday shindig and got talking to another friend who was there. This young lady had recently quit her office job to follow a path she thought would make her happy. Although this young woman is perfectly happy with her decision and she is at peace with it, she is still surrounded by people questioning her choices. She has had people say to her, “Why would you quit a well-paid job to pursue something that may never happen? Should you be taking such risks at your age?”  (We are still in our 20’s by the way)

These are the questions that many of us who are brave enough to follow our dreams are poised with daily. We don’t have to have an answer for that question because we know our path and we know where we are heading. Whether or not it happens, we would rather take a chance to find out than settle for a mediocre life. In our society, we don’t have enough people rooting four us. We are more exhilarated by gossip, slander and rumours. All of this sometimes puts people off their dreams before they have even started. Going against the grain in our society is not acceptable, even though that’s what we need to create the change we all want and need.

At Demur, you can count on us to uplift you and empower you. We stand for people following their dreams as ridiculous as that may be to others. We support anyone who wants to tap into their potential, think of us as the best friend who stands behind you, rooting for you to win in all that you wish to pursue.

In this month’s issue we celebrate many talented creatives, Rebecca Mason (Rococo Wonderland) cheers us up with her artwork, Meen Clothing share their journey of doing business as an independent brand, Photographer Alice Chapman talks us through what makes a great shoot. We head over to Paris to talk to hip hop trio Kalhex and stopover in Manhattan, Kansas to talk to Faintheart formerly known as Vineyard and then head back home to Shoreditch to chat to Amir and Limor, who set up Strut & Cluck, a restaurant serving seasonal dishes inspired by Eastern Mediterranean home cooking. We are celebrating all these heroes who are following their dreams. Also, because we care that much, we show you four ways intellectual property laws can protect your art.

Until next time…

Noreen Chada, Editor, @noreenchada

Noreen Chada – Editor

Shirley Dee- Copy Editor

Alice Diamond- Staff Writer

Emily Bone – Staff Writer Intern

Kay Samuel- Editorial Assistant

Nicole Samoto – Social Editor

Stella Dzingai – Contributing Writer

Harrison Madzivachando – Creative Content Manager

Dyznmax – Design & Art Direction


Published by Demur Ltd


Model – Sabrina

Make Up Artist – Kkglamovers

Designer – Meen Clothing

Accessories – Mode Nubienne

Photographer – Alice Chapman