Demur Magazine – Woman I Feel You I See You – March 2018

I never understood what being a woman meant until I become one myself. There are things I use to hear my mum say when I was younger and, in my head, I would always think why is she overreacting? As I have grown older I now realise it’s a little tough being a lady.  The role itself comes with a great responsibility and unnegotiable terms and conditions in small print that no one can really prepare you for. Being a woman is a great privilege although it doesn’t always feel like it. Yet every single day women everywhere are getting up and kicking ass.

As it is Women’s Day this, month millions of people across the world will take time out to celebrate the woman and it’s a great honour to have a whole day reserved just for us. The trouble is it is often easy to forget to celebrate ourselves every single day that we are women. Fear not Demur is on the case.

No one understands the difficulties that women go through in work, personal relationships, physically, emotionally and just generally in life, better than women themselves. So, in this month’s issue, we are just talking to the girls. Emma Moir of Box Galleries talks to us about women in the art industry and our French Photographer Anna Gourlaouen Ledé paints a picture for us on what it’s really like to be a female Photographer. Kerry Bannigan founder of Nolcha Shows, a showcase for independent designers during New York Fashion Week, shows us how she is paving the way for women in the fashion industry and we hear from some of the designers who have showcased at Nolcha.

I believe when you are in a position to impact people and pave the way for others, you should do so by any means necessary. In fact, we all have the power to do just that, but we don’t often realise it. I am so grateful that I get to use Demur as a platform to address some of the issues that I deeply care about, one of them being the female empowerment. The Demur team is predominantly made up of women, not by design but just by default and I’m sure you will agree with me that these ladies have been killing it. Women have come a long way and we still have further to go.

I hope you enjoy this issue with pride in celebrating the woman that you are and if you are a guy embrace the woman around you.

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Front Cover

PhotoBalint Nemes @balintnemes
Model: Anka Roosk @ankaroosk

Location: Prague

Noreen Chada – Editor

Kay Samuel- Editorial Assistant

Nicole Samoto – Social Editor

Alice Diamond- Staff Writer

Emily Bone – Fashion Writer

Mia Seabrook – Music Writer

Stella Dzingai – Contributing Writer

Shirly Dee – Creative Content Manager

Emma Gillett – Design & Art Direction 

Hannah Smith – Music Writer