Demur Most Misinterpreted Songs…yea you heard it wrong.

We have all been there, a song comes on and you scream out ‘oooo that’s my jam!’ and as the song proceeds everyone is looking at you because you are singing the wrong lyrics. Here are some of the songs we have heard misinterpreted by others. Some people here at Demur HQ are guilty of this.

Usher – Good Kisser

A certain someone here (we won’t expose her, but she goes by the name of Nicole) is the number one culprit on butchering songs. Even after correcting her on this song, she still insisted she was right, even after we showed her the lyrics. In the first verse of this song Usher sings ‘It’s 5 in the mornin’, kush is rollin’ while she’s makin’ steak and eggs, yeah’. The colleague in question is adamant even till this day that Usher is saying ‘while she makin second glances’, ok whatever that means.

TLC – Waterfalls

For so long I myself did not understand why TLC where begging ‘Jason Waterfalls’ not to go, after all, they are strong independent women who don’t want no scrubs and surely they will not care if Jason goes. Furthermore, why should he ‘listen to the rivers’? It turns out the advice from these ladies is ‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to’ which seems like sound advice.

Jack Ü featuring Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now

We all go through things in life and we all have our sombre moments. We were saddened to hear Justin Bieber was ‘sitting all alone and mopping’ as we listened to his smash hit ‘Where Are Ü Now’. We were less concerned when we found out the correct lyrics, Justin confirmed ‘Now I’m all alone and my joys turned to moping’. We hope he feels better now.

Rihanna featuring Drake – Work

The way we have been dancing to this song since it came out is ridiculous. We thought we felt every inch of this song and could connect to it until we found out our girl Riri was singing about something completely different to what we thought (you really don’t want to know what we thought). Rihanna is singing about wanting something deeper from her man other than just intimacy. This is portrayed in the first line of the first verse ‘Dry! …Me a desert him’ said in Patois. All this time we thought she was saying ‘Try me, I deserve it’, which made sense because of what we thought the song was about.

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