Demur Weekend Excursions

You don’t have to break the bank to have a memorable summer getaway. A few days away at one of these destinations, is guaranteed to make this #summer2018 the one you won’t forget.

Bonifacio, Corsica

This medieval old town on the French island of Corsica is balanced on cliffs surrounded by the sea. This fashionable coastal resort is surrounded by chic restaurants and bars. As you take a stroll along the marina, with all the rich people yachts docked there, you will finally reach the white sandy beaches. The clear blue waters will certainly call you in for a swim and if the winds are blowing in favour you can also take part in a bit of windsurfing. If you have a bit of time you can also take a boat ride to the Italian island of Sardinia.

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is one of the smaller cities in Belgium and it’s actually not overcrowded by tourists for such a vibrant city. Although it’s a small city there is plenty to do in Ghent. Not that we are encouraging you to drink, but Ghent is home to the Gruut beer so you can sample that as many times as you like. Ghent is becoming more modernised with chic bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the local delicacy the waterzooi chicken soup. If live music is your thing there are plenty of free gigs happening around the town with many artists from various genres emerging out of Ghent. Ghent is often overlooked but this is a well-cultured city with plenty of activities. Just try fitting in some sleep whilst you are there.

The Cotswolds, England

If you enjoy historical buildings and natural beauty look no further than The Cotswolds. If you need another reason, Damien Hirst, owns a 300-room mansion called Toddington Manor over there, we are not saying he will let you in, but you can go and check that out. You can choose to go hiking between the twin villages of Upper and Lower Slaughter or mountain biking at the 417 Project, the biggest privately-owned mountain bike facility in the country. If you happen to end up on a pub crawl you can be safe in knowing that most of the pubs offer rooms which you can stay in. So, you can choose that instead of staying in a hotel. The Cotswolds is filled with notable stately homes, museums and churches ready for you to explore.

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