Does Young Piano get Kanye West’s seal of approval?

For those of us who love Kanye West, this is going to blow you away and for those who don’t you are going to love this young piano player performing at his Kanye’s best.

Young Piano is a young musician from Frankfurt, who happens to be a big Kanye fan. In this impeccable 13 minutes video, the young lad plays some of Kanye’s hits including  “Jesus Walks,” “Love Lockdown,” “Power,” “Bound 2,””Famous” and a few more from Kanye’s albums.

“This video is a tribute to Kanye West, who influenced me a lot. #livinlegend,” he writes in the video’s caption. And to make it more insane: “I learned every song by ear.”. He did this all in one take.

And you thought you were a big Kanye West fan. You need to get Kanye fresh #justsaying

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