Dorine Levy talks to Demur about Canada, Tel Aviv and her Feelings

Dorine Levy has been around the world with her music and collected a load of followers along the way. Born in Canada and raised in Israel, Dorine has used her cultural experiences to produce her own sound and which has then seen her provide promotional tracks for the likes of H&M & Zara, Forever 21 and Quicksilver. 

You were born in Canada and raised in Israel . How has the culture you were raised in influenced your music?

I grew up listening to French Canadian music and everything that was on MTV.
My big brother was a big fan of music and he was the biggest influence on my taste in music, from Depeche Mode , Duran Duran, The Cure and Pink Floyd …I became a fan immediately of these songs based on live electronic music and I guess that’s the music I produce today.
Coming to Israel and leaving Canada was a big shift in my life because it wasn’t my choice to do so,  I was struggling and had many difficulties adjusting there, so my Psychologist was my CD player ,listening to music and singing out loud to the songs playing. I remember feeling relieved every time I did that, as if I had gone to a Psychologist. I think Canada has defined the music I like and Israel has pushed me to do what I have always wanted to do, which is  create.

You locked yourself away in your self-built home studio to write and produce your debut album back in 2013, that requires discipline. Do you still have that same discipline now that your circumstances are different?  

I have more disciple now more than ever, because my time in the studio is more limited now, my focus is immediately more effective and the way I work is a bit different now. I have more faith than I used to have. I used to create a track and immediately stop half way through because it wasn’t what I liked, but now I understand the creative process more and I try to be more open with it. 

Your latest track “ Feelings” you say it’s about memories of your hometown “Montreal”. What are some of the things that you miss about home right now?

First my big brother and his beautiful wife who live over there. I guess I miss the girl I was when I was living there more than the place itself. I compare myself to a plant that was growing and was quickly interrupted and then the insecurities came … so I sometimes miss the feeling of ‘security’ I had there.

What inspires you to write your music?

A deep need to express emotions. I don’t know yet how to express them in any other form. I love the feeling of recording something new, I have no idea where it will take me. I just follow this energy and produce music, recording music does something to me, it gets me into a deep phase which is an amazing feeling. I can do it endlessly, luckily for me I love to perform, that’s the reason I put out music.

What is your EP “Mima” all about?

Mima is a meaningful EP for me, personally to make this one and to put it out has been an endless learning process. People who will listen to this EP will meet a more exposed ,simple and open side of my creation.
It has the poppy side of me but the abstract too. I hope it will get to the ears it needs to get to.
We are currently working on a new live set towards a European tour and we are planning to promote this one, so will see.

Dorine’s EP “MIMA” is out in 2017. You can keep up to date with Dorine here.