Dress Code Nation with Patrick Adjaye

Dress Code Nation is a platform for creatives in the fashion industry. It’s a place where people can meet and network and grow their portfolios and share their work. Of course at the moment there a few companies that offer a similar service, but with these other companies you are paying a subscription fee and you are not really guaranteed to get anything out of it. This is where Dress Code Nation come in, it is very important to us that all the creative professionals connect and network with the right people.

Why Dress Code Nation matters

Dress Code Nation is very important to the fashion industry because there are two elements to the fashion world. There are people who are born into fashion, they go to school to study fashion and it’s all they know and do and then there are those who didn’t study fashion but are very creative in their own right. Those people are not always embraced by the fashion world which is a shame, because some of the most creative people in the fashion industry are those without a fashion background.

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