Eneeks, My Queen, My King, My God – Demur Cypher

South London seems to be brewing and stewing with young talented artist on the rise. Take Eneeks, who uses his city of London as a muse to speak the truth about the conundrums his fellow citizens deal with on a daily basis. Eneeks has been a fan of hip hop since he was introduced to the genre by his older brothers. As the sounds of Soul, Rare Grove, and Jazz often filled his home when he was growing up, this helped to mould Eneeks into the artist he is today.

We met up with Eneeks to take and absorb some of the jewels he had to drop.

What message are you trying to promote with your music?

Life and honesty. Being from South London, I’m trying to promote something that everyday people can relate to. Whether that’s love, fear, politics, family affairs or ambitions. I’m a poet, I’m an observer of life. I see things and I try and create a soulful rendition of what I see. I try and be as real as I possibly can so that I can uplift people, wherever they are coming from.

How will you know when you have succeeded in reaching your goal of promoting that message?

I am not there yet, but I know there are people who have been affected by music in a positive way already. I’m happy that my art travels and has that kind of profound effect on people.

What are the difficulties you are finding in making and pushing your music? 

I think because I am soulful, wear my heart on my sleeve kind of artist, it’s hard for people to connect me to contemporary music, whatever is popping off these days like grime. So I’m on the under, underground scene trying to breakthrough and there are many other talented artists who are in that underground scene as well. It’s hard to break through because are a lot of people are only interested in what’s trending now so if it’s outside the trending genre they are not really open to understanding where it’s coming from. I have faith that people will sit up and start paying attention to more underground artists because there is a huge following for us.

Who would your dream collaboration be with? 

So many people, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Alchemist is heavy, Kano, Common, Kendrick Lamar I could go on for days, it’s a long list

What have you got out right now for us to listen to?

I’ve got my 7 track EP, My Queen, My King, My God, doing the rounds right now. It’s available on the mainstreaming services and released through Tokyo Dawn Records. The EP is about my life and how I felt at certain particular moments and how I get through my days. It’s about a cycle of creation and how as human beings we are here on this earth to create things bigger than ourselves. We all have the ability to create great legacies and that is what I’m currently doing creating art that is bigger than me.

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