Equinox Show Us How They Are Stretching Their Brand With This Ad Campaign Featuring Ciara

15 years ago Equinox introduced their tagline ‘It’s not fitness, it’s life’ and it seems they have been standing by that every step of the way. This year the luxury fitness company will be opening up a hotel in New York’s Hudson Yards and introducing its retreat business, in which consumers can take fitness trips, and it is dabbling with a new talent management venture for its SoulCycle brand which is very popular with many celebrities. Just to remind us of their motto, Equinox are showing us just what ‘Life’ is like with their latest ad campaign featuring a two-minute video directed by Nick Knight titled ‘Life’.

The powerful video features a voice over talking us through a ‘series of moments’ which include parkour-style gymnastics, dancing and bike racing and finally reminding us ‘This is your life, so live better,’. Equinox enlisted Ciara and stuntman Chase Armitage to help with the campaign as they thought represented the brand’s ethos of ‘soul’ and ‘energy’

Speaking on the collaboration, Nick Knight said ‘I liked their approach to fitness. I like the fact they saw it not just as a set of exercises to get you fit, but as a way of living your life.’ This campaign is certainly empowering and filled with ounces of positivity.