Faber Releases Debut EP ‘I AM’ Our Official Anthem For This Month

It’s as if Faber (formerly known as Hannah Marie) has been secretly listening to our thoughts. As we were searching for the perfect anthem to celebrate our womanhood this month, Faber has only gone and released her debut EP ‘I AM’ filled with 7 tunes all about female solidarity and we are certainly here for it.

From when she first picked up the violin aged 6, Faber knew music was her destiny and after attending Italia Conti Associates there was no way even Faber could resist she had talent and she had to put it to good use. Faber released her debut single ‘Heaven Knows’ back in 2015 through SoundCloud only, and since then she has been building up a buzz for herself in the London music scene.

The ‘I AM’ EP in its entirety is based around the theme of feminism and equality and packed with soft ballads, rocky riffs and delicate spoken word. With someone with such an important message and a strong voice to spread it, we have no doubt many ears will perk up after hearing Faber.

As you press play you can’t help but be taken in by Faber’s soulful vocals with a rocky edge. Faber’s music is heartfelt, empowering and will have you pondering about a few moral principles in life. If you have seen Faber perform you will know her stage presence is nothing short of mesmerising. If you haven’t seen her perform just as yet, she will be waiting for you on Friday 16th March at Spice of Life in London. You can grab tickets at www.sheisfaber.com/gigs

‘I AM’ is out now and available to stream on major platforms.

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