FABER Talks To J-MOX About Using The Power Of The Internet To Create A Hit Tune

We recently caught up with J-MOX, an Austrian multi-instrumentalist and music producer living in London. After his second single ‘Hunter’ received raving reviews, he has now teamed up with Ido Danker to produce his next hit ‘Drag Of You’. J-MOX shows that you don’t have to be in the same room for a collaboration to write an absolute tune. J_MOX talks to us about being an independent producer living in London.

FABER: How did you first connect with Ido Dankner on this collaboration?

I actually found him on Instagram and messaged him and asked if he would be up for collaboration. That’s how handy social media can be these days!

Ido is based in L.A. so the communication due to the time difference was not ideal, but we made it work. The top-line of ‘Drag of You‘ was written before by an Austrian songwriter, Joe Traxler, who is also based in West London. Ido recorded the vocals in a studio in New York City and then sent all the vocal tracks back over to me, so I could start mixing and mastering it.

FABER: What was the process from the writing to having a finished master?

It took a while. So the first instrumental idea was recorded in June last year. When I had the instrumental arrangement finished, I teamed up with my buddy, Joe Traxler. He wrote the top-line really quickly, within a session or two. After that was finished, I took a little summer-break & came back to London in September. I started looking for singers all around the world and eventually found Ido Dankner. It did take some time to get the vocals recorded over in Manhattan and ready to put into context. Next, I mixed the vocal tracks and added some more instrumental elements to complete the production. When I had finished all of that, I sent everything to a mixing engineer. Unfortunately, though, I wasn’t happy with the result at all. So I had to find another one… so as you can see – it was a long journey. Eventually, I found a German sound – engineer called, Simon Hestermann, who was my life saver. He did the stem mixing and mastering, fantastically! I can highly recommend Simon to any artist!

FABER: How did you start producing and what gave you the motivation to stay with it?

I have always played various instruments and music has been my biggest passion from an early age on. I started off playing in a few bands (also different genres), mostly as a drummer. In my teenage years, I made lots of music together with an old friend of mine who started building up his own home studio. At that time, I concentrated more on recording the piano and programming cool drumbeats etc. Personally, I started focusing on music production just two years ago. For me, it’s a fabulous thing – creating new music and making people happy listening to it. Also, I think the challenge to compete with so many other great artists is exciting and fun as well. Now as my first three singles have been released and I can see the results, such as having over 1 million streams on Spotify alone is extremely motivating. My audience is growing and becoming more interactive, which is a great feeling and I’m so very thankful for it all!

FABER: Is it vital for a Producer to be able to play instruments? If so what musical instruments do you play?

Drums, the piano, and I used to play the guitar and bass. As a Producer, it’s not essential to play loads of instruments, but it surely is very helpful indeed. Also, to have some music theory knowledge is quite handy as well. 

FABER: What is the best way to market yourself as a producer?

Doing loads of collaborations with well-known artists, remixing tracks, playing live gigs and a good social media performance/engagement.

FABER: You’re originally from Austria, what spurred you to move to London?

London is an amazing place to be as an artist and my girlfriend lived & studied here already. Long distance relationships are not cool, so we decided to move together.  Also, back home in Austria the pop-music industry rarely exists & London is known for being the place to be.

FABER: Do you record/produce at a home studio or an on-site recording studio – what are the advantages of this for you?

It depends. Most times yeah, I start producing/recording a demo from my little home studio or on my laptop when I am on the road. For the final vocal recording, I usually go into the studio to get the best sound quality. To work from home, which I do mostly, is a huge advantage of course. If I have an idea, I just can start working straight away on any projects whenever I want. But it’s not always easy to be that disciplined and split your work time and your leisure.

FABER: Who do you see yourself collaborating with in future?

With lots of different singers and artists. The next four releases are already planned for the next months. Can’t wait to let you hear them, but unfortunately can’t reveal any details as yet.

J-MOX’s single ‘Drag Of You’ featuring Ido Danker is OUT NOW.

Available to buy/stream here

FABER is a soul fused rocker and art lover from London