Faintheart talk us through their name change and future plans

We were first introduced to Vineyard two years ago a group of four dashing, young guys, based in Manhattan, Kansas. Still based in Manhattan, Kansas and some members subbed, the band have changed their name to Faintheart. Tanner, Hunter, Jeremy and Riley talk us through their name change and future plans for Faintheart

I suppose we really want to know, what’s with the name change? Has the sound changed as well? 

We decided that it just didn’t make sense anymore to release music under the name Vineyard. We are the same people, but the band was not the same anymore. With all the member changes, and sound changes throughout the year, we thought that no one had a clear idea of what Vineyard was, or at least the idea that we wanted them to have.

What have you got planned with Faintheart? 

We released our Self-Titled EP in March and that is streaming all over the internet, on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc. So we are pushing that at the moment.

We noticed the self-titled EP is doing well, what were you hoping to achieve with it?

I think for us, we made music that we wanted to make, and music that we wanted to listen to. We hope that people are able to connect with it in some way, and that maybe they can relate to it. Music has done great things for us in our lives, and we just want to try and give that back to others.

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