Fashion Diaries – Lords FLRS

From just two best friends following their dream and passion for a place in the fashion industry, Lords Flrs have built their own growing brand on a mission to revolutionise fashion.  We were honoured to catch up with them and find out more about the brand and it’s set up…

How did you come about setting up the brand? 

    We have a common passion…FASHION. We were just two best friends who came up with an idea one night, drinking a beer in our favourite pub in Paris. Peter was wearing a bomber that evening and Elliot a blazer and suddenly the idea of creating a mix of these two classic pieces came up. The day after, it was clear; we felt an obligation to create together, our clothing brand.

What are some of the tactics you have used to promote your brand?

    As we have a low budget, all our marketing is based on social media. In order to reach more people, we once stuck posters of our brand all around Paris, during the night, with our logo, a picture of our brand and our social networks and website on them. We try to participate and participate in a lot of events like showroom showcasing for example) in order to promote the brand.

What difficulties have you faced in the industry? 

   Today, the principal issue, except the fact of creating an enterprise in France, was all the concurrencies. Each day in Paris, we are struggling to make the brand more and more known.

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Words by Emily Bone

Twitter: @emilybonewrite

Instagram: @emilybonee