Fashion Diaries Olivia Anthony, Creating Art & Empowering Women to Make a Statement

Living outside the box with a mission to push the current fashion forward, Olivia Anthony revealed all to us about the individuality and personality that goes into her unique designs.

 Talk us through your creative process? What inspires your designs?  

   My creative process starts by just getting inspired by everyday life, It could be anything, a person, place or a period in time that sparks the energy that inspires me to research it more. After all of that is said and done I try to find how I can put my own DNA into it.

What marketing techniques do you use to promote your brand?  

   I try not to focus solely on marketing myself, I try to focus on inspiring and creating a vibe that’s centred around self-expression, being yourself and living life. I feel people will gravitate towards that more because it’s not a sales pitch, it’s something that’s true.

How did you set up your brand? Were there any difficulties along the way?  

   So I basically started off in college, I was styling at the time and I knew that when I moved to New York I was going to have to show people my work so I launched a website. At the launch party, I had a couple of model’s wear t-shirts with my logo, surprisingly I had a whole bunch of inquiries from people asking where they can get a shirt and “oh my god I really love the shirts”. When I got back to school my friend said you should really make a clothing brand out of your logo and I thought it was a great idea so I started making t-shirts, t-shirts then turned into sweatshirts, I went touring to different school’s showcasing my brand and the rest is history.

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Words by Emily Bone

Twitter: @emilybonewrite

Instagram: @emilybonee