Fashion Week: The Verdict

By Emily Bone 

Fashion Week, the biggest event in the fashion calendar and an exciting time for all fashionistas.  Is it really worth all the fuss and excitement?

The purpose of Fashion Week has always been, to provide an avenue to allow designers to, showcase their designs to buyers and stores, to present journalists with articles for people’s interest and an opportunity for brands presenting to raise their profiles. As Fashion Weeks in the four fashion capitals of the world, New York, Milan, London and Paris have come to an end; we review whether the Fashion Weeks are still serving their original purpose.

Celebrities, influencers, bloggers and other A – Z list stars, are flocking the FROW (even more than journalists it appears), the coverage from Fashion Weeks has turned into a Where’s Wally of celebrities spotted at the events instead of the clothes that are being showcased. And with a particular focus on the issue of body image, models can also be seen stealing the limelight from the designers and the clothes they are wearing on the catwalk.

So, who brings what to the party of Fashion Week? A report by Launchmetics and the Council of Fashion Designers of America revealed the voices that have contributed to the changing landscape of Fashion Weeks, and these groups are the culprits. The media, fashion editors and us journalists are the most traditional and long-standing influential voices in the industry. The reviews from these sources help the readers imagine the overall experience the brand has portrayed on the catwalk.

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