Five Tracks Out Of The Blue From Rose Gray

With the recent release of her debut EP ‘Blue’,  it’s evident why Rose Gray has been high on many aficionados ‘Ones To Watch’ lists. Coming from a family full of creatives, East Londoner, Rose Gray was destined for stardom and when she met her long-time Producer Alan Nglish when she was 16, that was just further confirmation of her destiny. The ‘Blue’ EP comes with full visuals for each track all directed by Graham Bryan, merging Rose’s love for film and music. We wanted to know the five tracks behind Rose Gray’s blues and the music that gets her going.

The one song that makes you feel ‘Blue’.

 BANKS – Change

“This song gets me every time”

The one song that gets you by when you are feeling Blue? 

‘Joyful Joyful’ – Lauryn Hill.

“This song makes me so happy, I’m always humming along to it when I’m in a good mood.”

The ‘Blue’ EP is your first body of work. What is the one song that describes how you felt when it was all done and dusted?

Aretha Franklin – ‘Today I Sing The Blues’

“Sort of fitting.”

Your latest EP comes with a visual for each track. What is your favourite music video at the moment?

‘Stranger Kiss’ – Alex Cameron (Duet with Angel Olsen) starring Jemimah Kirke

“I just recently came across this video which stars Jemimah Kirke. I love her, and I love this video. It follows her character obsessing and searching for this guy she sees performing on the streets of NY.  Real simple, but so powerful. Watch it, it’s a beaut.”

You write your own music, what is the one song that you wish you could have written?

 ‘Imagine’ – John Lennon

“There are many songs I wish I wrote, so many. But ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon is such a powerful song on so many levels”

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Watch the full visuals to the ‘BLUE’ EP here