Frank And Beans At Bau Wow Brighton

On Friday night Brighton based Frank and Beans took to the stage at Bau Wow on their first gig of 2018. Supporting CLT DRP on their new single launch, the duo did not waste any time in showing us what they are all about. Originally Hailing from Northern Ireland, the duo (Timmy Burns and Milo Dunn-Clarke) are now based in Brighton while studying at the prestigious ‘British and Irish Institute of Modern Music’ (BIMM).

Frank and Beans are a self-proclaimed “thunder punk” band with attitude and talent to match such a title. While on stage it becomes unclear as to where to watch as there is constantly so much happening; between the heavy guitar that resonates around the basement club and Timmy’s hands moving at a thousand miles an hour around his kit. While there was a lot going on stage with these two, it became hard not to notice the sheer talent that they both have.  While they may have been a little rough around the edges at times, not helped by a few sound issues, I was promised a performance, and they most certainly delivered.

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By Mia Seabrook