Get Ready For Slamboree At Bestival!

Just by looking at the Bestival line-up you can tell it is going to be a crazy long weekend. One particular act that stands out for us and perhaps describes the Bestival experience is Slamboree. Slamboree is a live band with a Smorgasbord of circus performers, daredevils and entertainers. They take each show as it comes, and every gig is very different to the last. We spoke to Mike Freear, Catherine Sharples (Kathika Rabbit) and Lizzie West to find out what the gang have got planned for Bestival and how we can join these cool dudes.

You guys seem like an interesting ensemble, how do you prepare and decide who or what goes into a big festival performance?

We try to make every show different, we try to adapt to our audience, stage and setting. We like to mix theatrical moments, circus and comedy to bring you an eclectic unique show. Generally Freear, Kathika and Lizzie decide on what goes into the show both musically and visually. It’s a combination of the two. Once Kathika and Freear are happy with the tracks they get together with Lizzie who choreographs the show with a whole range of various performers to fit the music into a big epic bass driven show! We have an interchanging core group of performers and we also book guest performers from around the world.

Is there an album or some sort of epic movie on the way?

Our debut album is out this year so look out for it.

What have you got planned to blow us away at Bestival this year? 

Not much…just fire, circus, sideshow, geishas, ninjas, blood, gore, parachutes, male nipple tasseling, sword swallowing and puppets!

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