‘Growing Up Supermodel’ with Janis Ostojic

Living in your parents’ shadow is often the worst thing to experience, but when your parents are famous celebrities is it such a bad thing? Lifetimes US have a new reality TV series that follows a group of hot young models risking it all to live up to the careers of their famous parents. Amongst those young hot models is Janis Ostojic, son of accomplished models JD and Martine Ostojic.

Janis talks to us about learning not to take things personally and the clothing items that describe his new life in L.A.

What do you think the new show “Growing Up Supermodel” will show other aspiring models?

That even children from famous parents have a HARD time trying to make it out there in their lives.

Did you ever feel obliged to follow in your parent’s career footsteps?

No, I have never felt this way because it is a path I chose myself. I’ve never done it just because they do it or because they want me to do it.

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Do you believe having a famous parent discredits your talent and hinders your progression in your chosen profession?

No, it helps me because they pass on their experience to me which helps me understand the business even better.

What are you now learning about the modeling world that no one ever told you about?

You need to have A LOT of patience and never take anything personally. If you go to auditions or castings or whatever for a job and they reject you, it is not because of you as a person. You just don’t fit their product. Simple as that.

As we are a fashion publication, what item of clothing would you use to describe your new life in L.A?

Nice classy pants and swim shorts.

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‘Growing Up Supermodel’ on Lifetime US on Wednesday 16th August at 10/9c