Gucci go meme crazy for their latest ad campaign

We know social media is good for promoting your business and reaching a wider audience. Gucci really do know how to utilise their social media tools as they recently took to using memes to promote their new Le Marché des Merveilles collection watch collection.

With Creative Director Alessandro Michele reshaping the brand’s image, Gucci are ensuring they stay at the forefront of modern culture whilst being universally inclusive.  The meme campaign is #TFWGucci which stands for ‘that feeling when…’.

No matter how you feel about memes, (who doesn’t love a good meme?), Gucci have caught our attention with their collection of quirky relatable memes.  Forget the glossy photoshopped images displaying luxury taste buds, let’s get real.

Gucci worked on this campaign with various artists from different parts of the world including duo Christto & Andrew, from Qatar, LA-based artist Amanda Charchian and Olaf Breuning, from New York.

Check out the collection below:

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