Hannah Jane Lewis Is Taking Rainchecks and Givings Us Aftershocks

You could say Hannah Jane Lewis has experienced the best of both worlds having been born in England and then spending a majority of her teenage years in sunny Florida. Now Hannah is back home, and she has been working with some of our very own homegrown writers and producers. Hannah’s last single ‘Raincheck’ was a fierce attitude filled track that many girls were only too pleased to take notes from and apply.   Hannah reminisces with us about her life in Florida and her plans for the perfect album.

The difference between Florida and Hannah’s hometown Surrey…

Ah so many things, they are basically night and day! Florida is boiling hot with blue skies for the majority of the year and Surrey is definitely not lol. When I lived in Florida I was always at the beach with my friends or out on a boat, which I sadly don’t do here. But I love both places to be honest, and now I live in London which is the best – so trading in the sun and blue skies isn’t too bad.

Hannah is inspired by words and phrases when writing music, but there are just some things she just finds it hard to write about.

Sometimes I find it hard to write about stuff that is going on in my life right now in this moment, usually, it has to settle a bit and then I can write about it. Like I have to understand it first or something like that!

We wonder if ‘Raincheck’ is about anyone in particular or based on Hannah’s personal experience

Well, my mum always brought me and my sister up to have that ‘treat em mean keep em keen’ mentality haha. So, it’s about keeping a guy on his toes and not giving too much away, which I have definitely been known to do! So yep it comes from personal experience 🙂

It seems some people leave the UK to go and ‘make it’ in the US, but Hannah wanted to come back home because…

Well, I’d lived over there for a while and was starting to miss England a little bit. I was also finishing Uni and by that time my family had all moved back here, so I missed them too! I knew that diving into the music world was going to be hard, so I wanted to come back and do it in the place where I had my family around me.

The perfect album for Hannah would be…

 I’d definitely want every song to be memorable, so no filler tracks! And for it to be a really honest true representation of me, which I think is really important – especially on a first album. I’m a big fan of albums and listen back to front and over and over to the ones that come from the artists I love! I love the special songs that would never be singles but end up being peoples fave on an album, so I’d want some songs like that for sure!

And this perfect album would future

Maybe for the first one, I wouldn’t feature anyone? Just to establish myself first! But also saying that in a dream world I’d love to work with Charli XCX and have a song like that on there. Her collabs with female artists are so great, love her!


When Hannah is in Florida she likes to hang out…

When I’m in Florida – at the beach with my friends! I also love going to a place called Key West when I’m there, it’s so dreamy.

And the hotspot in Surrey is…

In Surrey – I don’t live there anymore, I’m in London now! But when I was younger and used to live there, my best memories were from places in the countryside.

Hannah’s latest single ‘Aftershock,’ is out now!

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