Have Fun With Some Knowsy Women

KNOWSY Women is a visual encyclopedia of 100 of the most inspiring and influential women throughout modern history. The series includes women in fields ranging from science, engineering and maths, to the arts, sports and adventure. It combines well known icons such as Kate Moss and Aretha Franklin with lesser known names whose achievements have had a significant influence and yet have been underrepresented in history.

KNOWSY Women is made up of three products: 

THE KNOWSY BOXSET: the boxset includes A6 cards of 100 women, each illustrated on the front with an inspiring quote. On the back of each card is a biography as well as recommendations for other women to discover. The cards can be used amongst friends to play a trivia-style ‘guess who’ game to test your knowledge about women in history.

THE A1 POSTER: the A1 poster showcases all 100 women with an inspiring quote for each.

THE A3 PRINT: the A3 prints are illustrated portraits of individual women. They look great combined.

All personalities are categorised using colour coded noses on the A6 cards and on the A1 poster. If you’re ‘knowsy’, this makes it easy to discover more inspiring women based on who you already know!

You can support the project here.