Highly Sedated And In The Zone

After almost a year in the works, Swedish electronica band Highly Sedated released their long-awaited debut album, ‘All We Have Is Now’ The album which shows how the boy’s sound has evolved is still raking up the numbers in plays on various streaming platforms. We wanted to find out why everyone is still Highly Sedated on these guys.

What song gets you ‘Highly Sedated’ and in the zone?

B.J The Chicago Kid – ‘SEX x MONEY x SNEAKERS’

Love this song! No electronics at all, but we often start with this song during DJ sets, just to set the mood for the night.

What song best describes the feeling you had when your debut album ‘All We Have Is Now’ was finally completed after working on it for a year and a half?

Chrome Sparks – ‘Marijuana’

The album process nearly killed some of us.

Well, not really, but we were worked tirelessly up until the end that some spent almost a week in bed. After the album dropped it felt like a stone had been lifted off our chest and this song really describes that feeling.

You describe the album as ‘a timeless album with a contemporary feel.’ What is your favourite song from the album?

Highly Sedated – ‘Wasted Youth’

We think ‘Wasted Youth’ really captures what we’re about. The mix between live instrumentation and the electronic stuff is really what drives us forward. And the vocals on this one are perfect.

There are five of you in the group, what song describes your time together?

Faithless – ‘Insomnia’

We never get any sleep when we’re together. This song makes us feel like we are in a mental asylum.


What is the one song that you wish you could have made?

Lupe Fiasco – ‘Mural’

The intricacy of Lupe’s writing on this is beyond. Listen to the song and you’ll know what we mean. To be able to write like this is pure genius! We have chosen a video with the lyric breakdown, We promise you’ll need it…

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