Hopium Takes Us Behind His Sunglasses

They say you can learn a lot from heartache and Hopium is certainly putting his pain and past experiences to good use. Hopium first attracted attention when his 2014 release ‘Dreamers’ was sampled by Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth in their smash hit ‘See You Again’. The last release from Hopium ‘Leave’ had him singing about a breakup from the other person’s point of view. Now the London based Australian artist has got the streets buzzing again with his latest track ‘Sunglasses’ his second single this year. ‘Sunglasses’ was inspired after a night out in the popular Berghain nightclub in Berlin and what you will hear on the track is Hopium sort of pouring his heart out.

Your latest track ‘Sunglasses’ is based on a feeling of vulnerability, with ‘Leave’ also focused on deeply personal lyrics, do you find it easy to be quite personal within your songwriting? Does this writing style make you feel vulnerable?

It’s weird, when I was writing the songs I didn’t really think about them coming out or how people would react in that way. A lot of people ask about that idea of vulnerability, but I do think it’s a form of strength to be honest.

‘Leave’ was written from the other person’s point of view, which is very rare to hear. Why did you choose to write from the opposite view?

It just seemed the more interesting way to do it at the time. I think if it was all ‘you’ it would sound really accusatory and maybe get a bit tiresome. Although some people got pretty offended and thought that it was actually me admitting to being this terrible person, so maybe I should have.

You moved from Australia and are now based in London. How is the music scene different from home to here in London?

I can do a lot more sessions and collaborate with so many different people here, whereas in Aus there isn’t that same culture of going from studio to studio – people sort of stick to their own projects.

You’re currently working on an EP with some exciting producers, what can we expect?

The EP goes a little deeper into the themes from the first two songs. There’s a track with a cello and a harmoniser that I’m super excited about.

Your song ‘Dreamers’ was sampled by Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth in their smash hit ‘See You Again’. How did it feel to have contributed to such a huge record?

It felt totally surreal! Ultimately it was such a great thing though.

It seems summer is finally here, what are you going to be getting up to?

Get to some festivals, head to LA and probably spend many hours out of the sun in the studio haha.

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