How The Modern Day Independent Music Artist Markets Herself by FABER

As artists, one of the things we are required to do to boost our careers is, market ourselves. Naturally, we want to share our music with anything that has ears, but how do we reach our audience? Where would we be if we didn’t have our fans? We are fortunate enough because technology is constantly evolving and has made it easier for the independent music artist to sell their brand. Here are a few tips to help you grow your fan base and spread the word about your music.

Who Are You Singing To? 

It’s important to identify your audience to know how, when, why, what, and where to promote your music. What platform should you promote your music on and what is the best time to upload content? Things like people’s age, gender, and interest determine this, however being active on all platforms is useful for reaching a wider audience. If you need help analysing your audience, look at data analytics from your social networks, to help you understand the performance of your page.

Spread Some Groupie Love

As everyone and their Nan has a social media page these days, you want to make sure your brand personality shines through. Whether you’re a metal band with a sense of humour, or a quirky pop artist, people want to see the real you. Put some charisma into your posts. Respond to comments from fans, keeping things personal. Ask questions in post descriptions that prompt people to reply, and voila! …You have fan engagement!

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