I Too Want To Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds

With ‘Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds’, a female-run event with The Franklys headlining and the brilliant Chambers and Hexmaze as support taking place on Thursday 19th October, I caught up with the lovely Isabelle and Lisa who run the event to have a chat and find out why they feel that it is so important to have events such as these in the current music scene.

Sum up of what ‘Dance Like I’ve got Diamonds’ really is and why you wanted to set it up?

Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds is the name for our live music nights where we put on female-dominated bands. The aim of these events is to make a statement against the lack of female representation in the industry, as well as to empower more women to get involved in music. It all started out as a University project, where we were tasked with promoting a show for our Event Management module. Being tired and frustrated by the lack of women on gig line-ups around in London, we decided to put our money where our mouth was and try to change the current lack of female representation ourselves!

Ghost Car At The Victoria 
Photo by Isabelle Ljungqvist

Is it something you feel is a current issue in the music industry and why do you think the issue is there?

Definitely! Not only have we experienced sexism and misogyny ourselves, being women and aspiring music industry professionals, but having listened to other women’s experiences, both musicians and professionals, makes it very obvious that there is a clear imbalance within the music business. Just looking at any gig or festival line-up manifests this. By promoting more events with a heavier female presence, we hope to even out that imbalance and inspire more girls and women to pick up that guitar or the drumsticks and start their own band.

“These events are important because for so long, female bands have been under-represented in music. So many line-ups are male-dominated without anyone even realising. Events like these give women a much-needed platform for their voices and bring about change.” – Hexmaze

What has been the response to the events?

We’ve been very lucky actually, and the response to our events has been overwhelmingly positive from audience members to bands and managers, as well as the press. It seems like everyone is ready to see a change in the industry!

Why did you pick these three bands to play this time?

Picking the bands to our events is always the hardest part because it is so important to us that we put on bands that we love ourselves and believe in. We always try to stay on top of any new bands that could fit our events and spend hours listening to new music and going to different gigs. The Franklys is a band we’ve had our eyes on for quite some time now, and we’re so excited to finally have them on our stage!

I also got the chance to speak with Headliners The Franklys and asked them why they feel that events like these are so important to the industry – “Nights like ‘Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds’ are needed in order to smash the patriarchy and normalise the view of women as musicians. The fact that we still need these nights says a lot about how unequal the music industry still is to this day”.

Dance Like I’ve Got Diamonds is happening on the 19th at The Victoria. Doors will be opening from 7:30 so make sure you head on down for lots of fun and to show your support for women in the industry and the brilliant women behind this night!

Tickets are still available on DICE.

Written by Mia Seabrook