Inside The Gucci Corner Shop

When Selfridges launched their deluxe Corner Shop last year it wasn’t your usual corner shop with fizzy drinks and favourite sweets, it was more stocked with an extensive mix of over 450 designer and basic items, priced from £2 up to £7,000. The hotspot has also hosted parties for the likes of Fendi to Michèle Lamy, Gareth Pugh and The Rolling Stones since it’s launch in November last year. This season Gucci are taking over.

You can be sure there is a Christmas present for a loved one in the Gucci pop up store. The corner shop is offering two handbag styles for purchase as a worldwide exclusive, alongside 12 leather goods that are unique to Selfridges within Europe. Also available to shop is the Gucci Décor collection, including scented candles and hand-embroidered cushions, a myriad of jewellery, hats, gloves and the Instagram-hyped Flashtrek trainers.

The Selfridges space has been pinkified by the Gucci team with bubblegum carpet, glossy display units, and tinsel and optic fibres dropping down from the ceiling. To complete the luxurious look there are also velvet-framed mirrors and the Gucci logo brought to life by lightbulbs.

The Gucci Corner Shop is on the junction of Duke and Oxford Street. You have until 6th January to enjoy this experience.