Introducing Gayeon Lee

GAYEON LEE is a luxury womenswear label that suggests a sophisticated simplicity for confident women. Gayeon’s passion for arts and crafts, also see’s many artisanal elements incorporated in her work, which enhances the delicate finish to her thought-out and sophisticated pieces. Her conceptually driven collections always reveal new possibilities in textures, shapes and proportions

 Being a fashion designer seems like a glamorous job. What are some of the not so glamorous things that you have to go through, that we don’t see?

 My job is not simply sitting down and doing some sketches of clothing. My day is full of endless emails, Excel spreadsheets, numbers, decisions, negotiation, recruiting, and managing staff, but, at the same time, there is a need for me to create a collection with sparkling ideas.

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We note you have worked for various labels including Marc Jacobs. What was that experience like for you and what do you think you can transfer on to the Gayeon Lee label?

 The skills needed to successfully manage staff, working as a team, having and maintaining a professional work ethic

What’s one thing that always helps your creative process along?

 Being open to new ideas, staying positive, and being persistent!

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