Jackie Got Lemons – An Aussie trio serving us bittersweet music

Jackie Got Lemons are a sweet and nutritious alternative indie rock band based in Melbourne, Australia. Comprising of bass, drums and vocals, Jackie Got Lemons portray with their music, quirky references to today´s culture movement and senseless human daily behaviour in the form of a satire.

Jackie Got Lemons are an experimental product brought to us by Sharon, a Spanish comedian/singer who found her inspiration writing songs in poor English, bass player Karl, sick of playing for corporates and getting fat on gig chicken and Cameron, drummer with an impeccable skill for lateness. We chatted with Sharon to find out who this Jackie chick is and what she has done with the lemons.

We saw your page on Instagram, the colours on your page immediately caught our attention, there’s just something about you guys, you seem quirky and cool.

Thank you! I have a background in fashion so our images are influenced by that. We also work with an amazing Italian fashion photographer, his name is Paco Matteo Li Calzi, he’s just incredible at what he does and really fantastic to work with. He’s the one who captured our promo images.

Your band’s name is Jackie Got Lemons. Who is Jackie and what has she done with the Lemons?

Well, it’s quite silly! We got the idea when my sister received a housewarming gift from a friend named Jackie, and we named the tree after her. It was a lemon tree that never actually harvested until one day my sister finally saw a small lemon growing on the tree, and she came inside and said ‘Jackie got lemons!’. We thought it would be an amazing name for a band, so that’s how it came to be.

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