James Gillespie is tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears

You know when you discover the lyrics to a song and you actually realise the deep meaning of the song, you kind of sing the song differently. ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’ is one of my favourite songs by P!nk. Now I get a bit funny when other artists do covers of songs that I like, in fear of them ruining the song for me. James Gillespie recently did a cover version of the said P!nk song and I have to say I was taken back a little bit. James’s stripped-back rendition of P!nk’s ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’ features his honeyed, raw vocals over an acoustic guitar, giving the lyrics their truer meaning.

James is building up a great fan base for himself. His debut track ‘What You Do’ has already been streamed over 5 million times just on Spotify alone. We appreciate James for his rare and authentic sound. We want more James, keep it coming!

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