Jamie Laing & Ed Williams invite you to Candy Kittens

Ed Williams & Jamie Laing met through mutual friends and from then a beautiful bromance began and out of it Candy Kittens was born.  Ed & Jamie describe Candy kittens as a fashionable confectionary sweets company; they make sweets that are fun, sexy and cool. Candy Kittens are not just your ordinary sweets company; they are a lifestyle brand for all ages.

What makes Candy Kittens sweets sexy, fun and cool? It’s all in the packaging. Ed & Jamie wanted to create something that was different from what was already out there. Looking at the packaging it does indeed look fashionable, minimalistic and sleek. It is “different from your grandmother’s old sweet tin” explains Ed.

Whilst Jamie had a plan to create Willy Wonka like factory in London, Ed had his own design company and had just left university. “Why don’t we create something magical together”, thought Jamie and after going through many, many designs and hard work, within 18 months the brand was born.

“Ed and I are like a triangle we have different ideas but share the same vision which is key and I think it helps create a great business. Ed is like the Steve Jobs on our team and it kind of helps to have a Steve Jobs on your team doesn’t it?” – Jamie

So with Ed being the Steve Jobs of the gang, Jamie has his own USP “Jamie’s USP is his enthusiasm and energy. He gives it his all and sometimes you need that relentless energy for your not so great days, you need someone to pick you up and just remind us we can still do this,” explains Ed.

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